Design for Small Apartment

It is getting in demand for small-space living as real estate is becoming tough to come by, especially in big cities. However, how do you make the most of the limited space without cramping your style? The answer is an interior designer’s insights to make your small studio apartment feel spacious and practical. Below are the top tips to help you turn an apartment into a home.

Small Studio Apartment Furniture

Two actions are king in all of the best studio apartments, Then, choose multi-function furniture to save space. The frame of the bed can have a hidden drawer compartment and house a bed. New coffee tables can adjust to for a desk, a bedside table can have an attached lamp.

Create Zone in Your Small Studio Apartment

To have a zone on your studio apartment to define the different area. It is an important tool which gives structure to a small studio apartment interior. For room use, a dividers and color blocking can help create different zones in a one-room home. Hence, with a bookshelf or curtain as a dividing screen between the bedroom and active areas like the kitchen and living space.

Prioritize Needs

It is quite demanding to have a small studio apartment that caters to all you need in your life. Then, prioritize instead, and choose two things you can not live without. To entertain and cooking go well together, while a study and creating pair well.

Get Sliding Door

If your small studio apartment has more than one room, change the hinged doors with sliding panels. For instance, in the kitchen, the screen can change the cabinet door fronts. On the other hand, a barn-style sliding door can replace a bathroom, bedroom and patio doors.


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