What To Do If The Tree Fall on Your House

Usually, storms are one of the reasons where the tree falls by itself. And if it happens the safest thing to do is call a tree service company. Experience in emergency tree removal in Rockville MD. If ever you have not to deal yet with a fallen tree, here are the steps you may take if a tree has fallen on your property or home.

Check The Power Line

Along the distance observe if your power lines involved. Then, if they are it might be advisable to either turn off your power or at least unplug any expensive electronics. Today, modern electronics are water protected now so this is less of a factor but it still something to consider. You may need to call the power company as well to alert them to the issue.

Call An Expert

Contact your local tree service company that gives emergency tree service. They will likely ask you for the photos so they can assess the situation. They should able to dispatch someone to examine the damage in about thirty minutes. Once the team arrives they should be able to dispatch a crew in nearly another thirty minutes, even on the weekend or holidays. It is important the speed in limiting water damage to the interior of your home in our rainy climate. It is very dangerous if the trees fall. Though trees that look like they have fallen may be under great pressure and thus are extremely dangerous. It is not a joke to leave the emergency tree removal and clean up to the expert.

Call an Insurance Company

When the tree fell on your home, call your homeowners insurance and open a claim. The insurance company will not resist this because homeowner’s insurance rates are not affected by this type of claim. In addition, this type of emergency tree service work is very dangerous and thus very expensive.

Tree removal Rockville MD is an expert in emergency tree service with 24-hour service our workers are ready to answer your call. Hence, our company has complete equipment to remove any tree in Rockville MD.

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